What Is Home Design?

The field of Home Design is expanding everyday as more people are realizing the importance of choosing a home that is attractive and inviting to guests. Interior decorating can be an extremely rewarding career, but there is also quite a bit of competition involved. To become a successful Home Designer you must develop skills in many areas. Many interior designers work on residential projects only; however there are many professional decorators who choose to design a variety of different properties. In order to have success with this kind of business, it is important to gain knowledge of several different kinds of design styles.


Furniture and decorative accessories are an important part of any home design. Different materials are used in the manufacture of these items, which means that interior designers must learn how to select the best materials for the job. While most home furnishings are functional, people also want them to look appealing. In this case, the furniture and furnishings used in a room will have an influence on the overall look and feel of the entire house.

In the 20th century, the profession of Home Design has gained popularity because of the art nouveau movement. Art Nouveau style furniture is very appealing to a wide range of people, both home buyers and interior designers. This style incorporates both classical elements and modern influences. Furniture made out of wood was a big influence in this movement. The 19th century saw the beginnings of mass production, which made cheap mass-produced furniture commonplace. Furniture was designed for convenience rather than beauty and this made it much easier for manufacturers to mass produce beautiful but cheap furnishings.

A new trend in Home Design is influenced by the concept of integration. This means that a design combines traditional elements with contemporary ones. This integration can take the form of using furniture that looks like it was purchased yesterday, but with contemporary furnishings that look like they were purchased yesterday, or a combination of both. Another important concept to Home Design is that the whole house should be decorated rather than just one area. Modern furniture firms began to focus on this concept when they realized that the public started expecting more from their houses.

Today’s Home Designers can combine the concepts of old-fashioned beauty with that of cutting-edge technology. Interior designers use CAD software to build their designs. With these tools they are able to create spaces within homes where none previously existed, such as whole dining rooms that can be separated into kitchen, family area, and living/dining areas. Other designers utilize computer animation to design furnishings. By combining these two trends together, homeowners are now able to create places that do not exist on paper or computer monitor screens, but rather as living, breathing places.

The field of Home Design is a great career choice for those who enjoy working with people and being creative. Many young students want to break into the professional world of interior design. In order to achieve success in the profession, an individual needs to have talent, as well as knowledge and skill in the various areas of the interior design industry. These professionals need to develop both their talent and their skill in order to excel in the profession.