Interior Design – How to Be an Interior Designer

Interior Design is the discipline and art of improving the interior of a physical structure, usually a building, to make a happier and healthier environment for those who use the space. An interior designer is somebody who designs, plans, oversees, and coordinates such improvement projects. An interior designer would be the one responsible for planning, determining, and implementing an interior space or project. Therefore, an interior designer would be an important person, and not only in a business but also in private life as well.


Many people have been interested in the interior design profession throughout their lives. As a matter of fact, interior design training began in the 12th century. Before that, however, there were just several types of decoration, such as painting and pottery. People did not have the technology to be able to decorate things like they do now. This is probably due to the fact that most people did not have the means to be able to decorate, hence, only doing what existed in the past. The history of interior design can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.

Interior design has become more popular throughout the years, but it has actually been a part of the history of decoration since the beginning. The need for interior design progressed and changed with time. With the discovery of the sun, the desire to decorate things became more powerful, thus leading to the first decoration and the creation of the first interior designers. These designers were able to discover how to improve the visual effects of their decorations, thereby transforming them from mere items to works of art. This is why the interior decoration has remained so popular and is even today considered to be a significant part of aesthetic appreciation.

In the modern age, however, the need for interior design has also evolved. Modern technology has made possible the manufacturing of beautiful furniture, interior lighting and other decorations that can enhance the beauty of the home. This is why interior designers are in greater demand now than they were a few years ago. Because interior decoration has become more important to homeowners, many more companies are offering their services.

In the last few years, interior design firms began to offer online help. This allowed clients to have assistance when choosing the perfect lighting system, getting suggestions for decorating furniture and making use of the latest technology in computer aided design. With this help, customers no longer have to go through the exhausting process of choosing decorations themselves, but can simply relax while their interior designers do all the work.

Interior decoration is a fascinating field. It requires creativity, skill and innovation, but also a good eye for fashion. It may not be a career for everyone. However, if you are an artistic person who is interested in improving the way your home looks, you should consider becoming an interior designer. Interior designer jobs are in great demand and you will enjoy working with other professionals.