Home Design Jobs and Career Choices

One of the fastest growing trends in home design and decorating is interior design. A career as an interior designer positions the designer as the architect of a new home. Although many may think of a construction worker or electrician doing the work, an interior designer actually spends a lot of time, planning, and work on design aspects of a home. If you are interested in entering the exciting world of interior design and decorating, you will need a degree in Interior Design at a college that is accredited by The National Association of Schools of Interior Design and Designers (NASID).

The job of an interior designer is to assist in the design process of a new residential structure. An interior designer can also help make important decisions about the most effective use of space, decide the best design for structural elements, or choose how to renovate or redecorate a home. Once the plans are complete, the interior designer would be responsible for bringing all elements together into the final design. A successful interior designer must have a variety of skills to effectively complete the design process. Below are a few common characteristics of a successful interior designer.

Creativity Home design and decorating require the designer to consider current styles and trends when creating a plan for your project. In addition, you may be asked to design something that is completely new to the market or something that is a variation of an already popular style. To be successful, creativity is essential. You should consider the current styles, colors, textures, materials, and so forth. You must be willing to try new things in order to find the best home decor.

Planning Designers spends a lot of time researching topics related to building design. This research can involve anything from studying floor plans and furniture styles to analyzing architectural structures. You can help the designer by providing input regarding what would look best in your home. When you provide input, you are giving the designer a starting point from which to develop a plan. This will ensure that the design takes into consideration your individual preferences and taste.

Experience If you have been decorating for several years, you have likely noticed many changes in home decor over the years. This experience will be invaluable when applying for a job as an interior designer. You will gain knowledge of the current trends and styles in home decor. As well, if you are a trained architect, you may be able to contribute to the designer’s overall knowledge about building design. When you take the time to learn about current home decor trends, you will be better prepared to show off your own style and help the designer create a beautiful living space.

Education You do not need to be a professional designer in order to excel in the field of home decor. Learning through self-study is the best way to get started. A lot of information is available on the internet or in home decor magazines. Reading these materials can introduce you to the various design styles and techniques that are currently popular. With a little bit of practice, you should find that you are capable of designing a beautiful home.