A Wide Definition Of Architecture


A Wide Definition Of Architecture

Architectural architecture is the creation and the method of designing, planning, and building structures or other architectural works. Architectural works, mostly in the physical form of buildings, can often be perceived as artistic works and as visual symbols of culture and society. Architectural designs form the basis of the construction of modern buildings. There are many types of architectural styles, each having its own distinctive style and purpose. There has been much speculation and debate as to what constitutes architecture and what it actually is.

In the general sense, architecture refers to the designing of buildings and their spaces. It usually includes the utilization of space for the development of living spaces, as well as spaces for work and other purposes. The major components of architecture are the building itself, the covering or structure that surrounds it, the materials used, and the interior decoration

Interior Design refers to the arrangement of furniture, accessories, and other elements within the buildings in relation to each other, and to the main architectural theme. Architectural interior design is a very important aspect of any architectural project. It is an essential part of the success of the entire project because it greatly affects the way people interact within the building. The success of any project is dependent on the harmony and balance between the various elements of the project. Architectural interior design is therefore an important factor that needs careful attention.

Architraves are architectural carvings which usually enhance the exterior appeal of buildings. These carvings include wall carvings, balustrade, door and window decorations, mantelpieces among others. Architectural carvings are normally done using wood. These carvings are considered decorative but also functional. Some of the most common artifacts that we see in our homes are the so-called architectural carvings.

Architectural drafting is a process through which an architect designs the overall layout of his projects. There are different forms of architectural drafting. The most commonly used form is the architectural drawing. In addition to this, there are several technical aspects of designing buildings which an architect should be aware of.

ARCHITECTURE has been broadly defined as a field which can be applied to the design, construction and even the maintenance of buildings. This wide definition of architecture makes it one of the preeminent fields of study around the world. It requires a deep understanding of several subjects and a well trained professional skill. architects spend their whole lives in designing buildings. With the help of the latest technological advancements, architects can save time and cost by implementing some of these techniques in the designing process.